Summer 2014

This summer, we’ve done a lot of work on the building. You can check out some pictures here: Summer 2014 Photos

We’ve finished with the new roof and the upstairs exterior, so we were able to remove the scaffolding and much of the fencing. The sidewalk and parking spaces in front of our building are now open. Thanks to JD Austin, the metal shutters were rebuilt for the upstairs windows while we were doing the repairs.

IMG_9294-2IMG_9301-2The steel posts were put in to reinforce the walls. The building is over 160 years old. The first thing we did in 2013 was to Lift the Building by a few inches. We replaced the original wooden log and brick footings under the building with rebar and concrete. We also replaced or repaired the Bricks that had deteriorated. With all of these repairs the building should stand for centuries to come.

The hangman, nicknamed George, is pretty old. We are still working to verify his age and when he was put there. If anyone has history on that we would love to hear from you. We have a picture from 1947 that shows when the dummy was made of straw. Our dummy had damage to his limbs. The last time he was stolen, he came back with his arm broken off. Mike Wakeman of Mike’s Hawg Paint repaired his arm, hands, face and repainted him. He restored him better than we could have ever imagined.

Our next task is to work on the lower exterior and then we will start working on restoring the interior, mostly in the need of major clean up.